I started cosplaying in 2009. Cosplay for me is about being able to escape into another world, the little details and incorporating my own style into the character. I am also a Cosplay Ambassador for Spotlight Stores.

Below are a few of my favourite cosplays that I have made over the years. There is plenty more to see on my Instagram as well!

American McGee’s Royal Suit Alice
Photographer: Cospix

Doctor Strange (Marvel)
Photographer: Escapist Creative

Loki (Marvel)
Photographer: Greg Elms

Elton John Dodgers outfit
Photographer: SnaphappyIan

Photographer: Redscarf

Lucy (aka Wyldstyle)
LEGO Movie 2

Nordic Lady Loki (Marvel)
Photographer: Deshi Will

Captain Hook
Photographer: Steamkittens

Team Magma (Pokemon)
Photographer: Alchemi Glow

Mary Marvel (Shazam)
Photographer: PhinioxGlade

Mary Poppins
Photographer: Richard Jones

Ms Marvel (Marvel)

Hamburglar (with my friend as the Colonel)

Clockwork Droid
Photographer: Cospix

TARDIS Ballgown