Poppins, Batson…It’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious trip into the characters called Mary.

In 2018 my friend Julia commissioned me to make her a Mary Batson cosplay from Shazam for Sydney Oz Comic-con…when I was creating this I had to make my own version to match. I decided to create the white version of her dress for Sydney.

Flash forward to a 2019 and I found myself creating a red version to match Julia’s. I used my custom top pattern, patterned the lightning bolt, and used the skirt from the Simplicity 8185 for the skirt. Alongside a custom cape combining various versions of Mary’s cape. I used this same method for all three that I created.

During the Easter Parade this year, I decided to light Mary up with some LED’s for the night parade.

The fabrics used included Yaya Han Cosplay Fabrics from Spotlight. Ultrapreme is my favourite material to use!

Earlier this year I attended Brickvention in cosplay. I put together a mostly op shopped Mary Poppins! The umbrella came from Zing and I customised a hat with flowers from Spotlight as well.
Mary was so fun to wear, the reception from the crowds was fantastic and I got to do a photoshoot with Richard Jones right next door the venue in the beautiful gardens.

Mary Batson
Photographer: Phiniox Glade

Mary Batson (lit up with LED lights)
Photographer: Phiniox Glade

Mary Poppins
Photographer: Richard Jones