This year I turned 30! I had to have a themed birthday of course….so what better than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

This year I spent a few months organising my 30th. The decor theme was Harry Potter, the dress code was any costume (not restricted to Harry Potter of course!)

The night was a hit, and those months worth of planning, Cricut® crafting and organising went in a flash! I had guests come as Professors from Hogwarts, a Gryffindor Quidditch player (another Cricut/Cosplay mix up!), Thor, Loki and even a Puddles Pity Party!

I went as a Slytherin Student (I ordered cheap robes off Ebay for this one as I was too busy with the rest of the party planning to make my own, but had to change the Slytherin patch as it was horrible!)

One of the features of the party decor was a photobooth area set up, I had lots of fun making the props on my Cricut® for guests to use! I created a Sorting Hat, ties for each house, scarves and more!

Another key element that was incorporated was the House selection process, in the form of cupcakes! Each cupcake had a hidden colour inside for each guest to find out where they were sorted. This was achieved by baking the cupcakes, removing the top of the cake, adding a slither of the coloured fondant and covering it with more icing.

The Hogwarts House sorting continued in the cups that the guests used,  for which I made stickers on my Cricut® using the Cricut® Adhesive foil in green, blue, gold and red.

Keep an eye out for more details from the party in another post!

“Have you seen this Wizard?” Frame
(Image sourced from Google, Printed on A1 & backed onto foamcore)

Various props including ties and the Sorting Hat.
(Cricut® made from scrapbooking paper and mounted on balloon sticks)

Myself as a Slytherin Student with the cake (cupcakes!)